The Eagle Cafe brings like-minded patriots together to recognize the tremendous service our SOF Community provides and the sacrifices their families endure on our behalf. By joining the Eagle Cafe, we answer a call much bigger than us and make a commitment to provide the additional resources SOF need to fully return from combat. 

Generous support of the Eagle Cafe helps The Station support more SOF Families as they navigate their long journey home. With your assistance and generosity, The Station can reduce participants’ wait times and ensure those who ask for help get what they deserve when they need it.
With demand increasing beyond The Station’s current capabilities, we turn to you for support. You are joining The Station at a time of significant growth as we build additional teams for Montana programming and establish outStations across the country. Donations help The Station successfully expand beyond core operations in Montana into programming offered to families in their hometowns and local communities. 


Based in Bozeman, Montana, The Station Foundation is a nationally-recognized public 501(c)(3) supporting U.S. Special Operations Forces as they return home from war. Established in 2011, The Station quietly serves families across our Nation’s premier warfighting force, U.S. Special Operations Command. Over 1,000 SOF Operators, Spouses, Children, and Gold Star Children have benefited from The Station’s programs. The Station addresses the challenges facing these families through powerful experiences aligned with the culture, needs, and values of SOF.  The Station’s unique programming shapes the way our Warriors return home, Built and presented by members from the Special Operations Community, The Station is uniquely positioned to understand and deliver unmatched programming that this Community wants and deserves. The Station’s relentless commitment to the mission ensures world-class services.